Regular Activities

Seminar on Gender Sensitization among the Youth at SASRD Medziphema:

A Seminar on Gender Sensitization among the Youth was organized at SASRD Medziphema on 26th of February 2016, in collaboration with SASRD, Nagaland University (Cell for elimination of sexual harassment & task force to deal with gender based violence and gender sensitization). The programme was chaired by Mrs. Kakheli Jakhalu, Member NSCW, Dr. Pauline Alila, Assoc. Prof Dept. of HOR highlighted about the Cell & Task Force for Gender Sensitization in SASRD.

Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson NSCW, in her Introductory Speech highlighted the instruction of the University Grants Commission in setting up separate cells to deal with gender-based violence under the policy of ‘Zero Tolerance on campuses for such violence and harassment’, and the demands of the Advisory for ‘Sensitization’ of management and teachers on the issue. To tackle the problem all over the country the universities have instituted different mechanisms and have been routinely holding seminars and workshops to sensitize both students and teachers alike on this crucial issue.

Dr. Temsula, also stressed on the uniqueness of the gender and that mutual respect between the genders will create a congenial atmosphere where either legislation nor statutes in the law books can bring about as it becomes an exclusively human and person to person issue.

Short speeches were also delivered on behalf of the students by Ms. Watisenla Longkumer, B.Sc (Agri) and Mr. Otto Awomi PhD Scholar. Member NSCW Mrs. Asangla Cholong highlighted the works of the NSCW.

Celebration of International Women’s Day:

In line with the rest of the World, the Nagaland State Commission for Women, celebrated the International Women’s Day (2016) with the theme “Pledge for Parity” by way of organizing seminar on “Gender Sensitization among the Youth” at Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) Seithekema, on 8th March 2016 at the college Bundrock Hall. In the keynote address the NSCW Chairperson Dr. Temsula Ao, stressed that the ideal place to start sensitizing youngsters about gender issues is in the family where parents should not show any discrimination between boy and girl children regarding duties or privileges. And the next stage is at school where teachers should treat all children equally and acknowledge the achievements without any bias towards a particular gender. That is why simple courses on gender-sensitization should be introduced in the curriculum right from the primary classes. If this is done then teaching teenagers and adult students about the subject becomes a normal part of the routine.

Lotha Women Summit:

Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson NSCW attended the Lotha Women Summit at Wokha as Panelist on “Women Empowerment in Nagaland” with the main theme on– Acts & Legislations, Rights & Duties Relating to Women on 21st & 22nd April 2016, organized by Lotha Eloe Hoho in collaboration with the Directorate of Women Resource Development, Nagaland. In her presentation Dr. Temsula, highlighted that, the notion of empowerment is not a one-time bonus or token subsidy; it is like building a base from which the empowerment can grow from strength to strength. If you are giving someone a sewing machine but the receiver does not have the skill to use it, it remains inly a useless piece of machinery. Therefore, this summit assumes great significance because it is presenting empowerment in all its various aspects and possibilities.

Seminar on Domestic Violence Act:

A Legal Awareness Programme on Domestic Violence Act was organized by Nagaland State Commission for Women in collaboration with Diphupar Naga Women Organization at Diphupar ‘A’ Dimapur on 30th April 2016. The programme was chaired by Mrs. Kakheli Jakhalu, Member NSCW and Mrs. Asangla Cholong Member NSCW, highlighted the works of the NSCW. The introductory speech was delivered by Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson, NSCW. The legal provisions about the Domestic Violence Act was explained in details by Ms. Khriesinuo Kire, Legal Consultant NSCW.

Divorce Settlement Case:

A petition for re-dressal of Property settlement on account of Divorce was received from Rhondeno Murry against her former husband Er. R. Chanthungo Murry, accordingly a summon letter was issued to both the parties on different dates on 29th and 30th March 2016, separately to give their statements and duly recorded. And on 5th April 2016, both the parties were informed to appear before the Commission to discuss and settle the issue. As per the statement of the respondent on 30th March, three offers were placed before the applicant– (i) To hand over the land situated at Domukia, Dimapur.      (ii) That, the respondent will pay an amount of Rs. 10,00,000 /- lakhs only to the applicant towards construction cost of the building at the said land. (iii) To hand over the Respondent’s share in the Rural Hayichan Project, which is a society at Old Ralan, Wokha-Bokajan Road, and the Applicant comply to it.

With the acceptance of the above offers by the Applicant the case has been brought to an amicable settlement on 2nd June 2016, by handing all the relevant documents and the mentioned amount to the applicant.

Fortnight’s Observation on Elimination of Violence against Women:

The Fortnight’s Observation on Elimination of Violence against Women was launched at ‘De Oriental Grand Hotel with Smti. Sano Vamuzo, former Chairperson of NSCW as Chief Guest, with invitees from all women tribal organizations, Women leaders from Churches and different Political Parties from Women Wing on 24th November 2016 with the International theme for 2016- “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All”.

The programme was chaired by Member NSCW, Mrs. Kakheli Jakhalu, and Mrs. Asangla Cholong, Member NSCW welcomed all the participants in the programme. In the introductory speech Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson NSCW, about the fortnight long observation, its history and the importance of safe & healthy environment for all girls at educational institutions. Short speeches on the topic were also delivered by Smti. Mezivolu T Therie, NJS, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kohima & Secretary, KDLSA and Shri. S. Saravanan, IPS, I.G. (Crime).

The yearly observations was also initiated in the form of print media to create greater awareness and importance of the observation among the general public, through the apex Tribal Women Hohos in the state by distributing varieties of materials like – booklets, pamphlets, posters, banners etc. for distribution and display in all the District HQs and Sub-divisions in the state.