Marriage, Divorce & Inheritance -(Ongoing)

The present status of Naga Women in matters of Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance needs to be viewed with much concern. Seeing the bias against women in Naga society regarding this, the Commission initiated a process of dialogue with all the tribal women Hohos through a series of meetings and consultations in 2015. Thereafter, the consolidated recommendations were given to all the Tribal Hohos (Male) for their consideration and support.

From the very beginning the Commission made it very clear that the issue of Inheritance was related only to the acquired/ joint property of the couple after marriage in which the girl child also should have an equal share. The ancestral property was absolutely out of the purview of this process.

We are happy to say that almost all the Tribal Hohos sent us positive comments and suggestions.

As a next step, we are now in the process of dialogue with the Apex body, Naga Hoho for building up a further consensus on the issue so that a balanced policy may be worked out to give every girl/ woman her due share of the parental property.