Lotha Women Summit

Dr. Temsula Ao, Chairperson NSCW attended the Lotha Women Summit at Wokha as Panelist on “Women Empowerment in Nagaland” with the main theme on– Acts & Legislations, Rights & Duties Relating to Women on 21st & 22nd April 2016, organized by Lotha Eloe Hoho in collaboration with the Directorate of Women Resource Development, Nagaland. In her presentation Dr. Temsula, highlighted that, the notion of empowerment is not a one-time bonus or token subsidy; it is like building a base from which the empowerment can grow from strength to strength. If you are giving someone a sewing machine but the receiver does not have the skill to use it, it remains inly a useless piece of machinery. Therefore, this summit assumes great significance because it is presenting empowerment in all its various aspects and possibilities.