Divorce and property settlement

A complaint letter was received on 16th January 2017, by Anju Sharma regarding ‘Complain against Mental and Physical Torture by her live-in partner’ Shri. Dipak Lama. As such a summon letter was served to both the parties and was summoned to the Commission’s office on 4th March 2017, for a formal hearing and were recorded duly. After the first hearing the case turned out to be a divorce and property settlement between the two parties, thus another sitting was fixed on 31st March 2017 and again on 4th April, & 5th May. Only after the 5th sitting on 22nd May 2017, an amicable settlement came between Anju Sharma and Dipak Lama and thus on 26th May 2017, the case was resolved with the signing of affidavit after 5 sittings.